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Jared has been my running coach for the past year and I am constantly in awe of his dedication and support. No matter how busy his schedule may be, he always makes time to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer support. His wealth of knowledge on topics such as training, injury prevention, and mental toughness has been invaluable to my growth as a runner.  


I had so much to learn and so many goals to set for myself. Jared not only helped me set and reach those goals, but he also provided the motivation and encouragement I needed to keep going on my toughest days. Working with Jared has not only helped me become a better runner, but it has also helped me tap into my own potential and become a more confident and resilient runner.


One of the things that sets Jared apart as a coach is his ability to tailor a training plan to each individual athlete. He takes the time to get to know his athletes and understand their goals, abilities, and challenges they may face. This individualized approach has helped me to reach my full potential. 


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing coach and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to take their running to the next level.
-Nancy Girard

Jared is a passionate, knowledgeable runner who walks the walk every day in his own drive to succeed in the sport he loves. As a coach he can relate first-hand to how it feels to train hard and make competitive leaps forward. I've known Jared for several years and while he has competed as a national level track athlete with a visual impairment, his true passion and determination come from a pursuit of health and the journey of life-long fitness. This approach has Jared running better than ever and he can help you do the same. He is a natural leader who is keen to meet people where they are in their training and support them in pursuing their running dreams. I'd encourage anyone who would like to explore their own running potential to connect with Jared; he will draw on the science and art of coaching to bring the best runner out in you.

-Jason Dunkerley: National Para Athletics athlete and five-time Paralympic medallist


I'm a 56 year old woman who has been running almost 4 years. I've been plagued by various muscle/running issues most of the time.
September 2015 I ran the Army 1/2 marathon and after that my body decided that it had had enough of running. I was having hamstring, adductor, knee, glute and foot issues - pretty much the whole package nightmare for a runner.
After very little running through the winter I decided to call a run coach. I found Jared on Kijiji and sent him an email to which he promptly responded to.
Long story short, we met at a running track in Ottawa (very important factor for me because due to motion sickness I can NOT run on a treadmill).
Jared had me do some dynamic stretching (something I had not done) and then as I ran he took various videos.
At the track he gave me some good advice and tips - I need different runners, I need to do dynamics stretching, I should life my legs higher and at a quicker cadence etc.
A couple of days later I received a detailed analysis of my running.
Well, since I've been running in the correct shoes (Asic Keyanos and Saucony Hurricanes), changed my running style and tweaked a couple other areas I'm happy to say that my running is back and I feel great.
I'm very thankful for Jared's insight and wisdom.

*Lenae (former client/runner)


Jared is an enthusiastic individual who has a positive energy about him. At Ability First Ottawa he volunteers his time to teach about physical health and well-being. Being able to accommodate persons with varies types of disabilities. Our participants love Jared’s sessions they always are smiling and say how good they feel about themselves and what they accomplished in exercise class.

Christina Ranieri, Executive director: Ability First Ottawa


Jared has been an important asset to our family. He is my son’s personal trainer, and has done a great job at motivating him and pushing him to reach his maximum potential. We appreciate all the hard work and enthusiasm Jared brings to his work outs with my son.


Great job Jared.



We have known Jared for over a year now. He has been helping our eleven year old son regain strength and flexibility in his legs after a period of inactivity and pain. Jared has developed an exercise program and stretching regimen for him that has helped our son make good, constant progress. The exercise sessions are made enjoyable through soccer and other games so that our son looks forward to his exercise program. Jared has been very supportive in adjusting his routine so that the sessions are not disrupted and on more than one occasion has traveled from the other end of Ottawa for over an hour. Jared is very patient and encouraging and infuses his training with humor; consequently he has established a level of trust and rapport with our son that greatly facilitates the training. We highly recommend Jared to anyone in a similar position.


M & S.

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