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Are you a runner, or considering it?
Want to improve your running ability?
Have you plateaued?
Do you need more support & guidance?
Are you unsatisfied with your recent race? 
Are you trying to make running and being active a lifelong habit in a sustainable way?

Look no further= I can help with guarenteed results and improvements!!

Refer below for details


About me

Objective & mission

Name is Jared Broughton, and I am a professional running coach and former Personal Trainer. I possess an extensive running background & profile of over 16 years of experience as a serious runner. My objective is to grow the sport of running, increase awareness of its health benefits, and help people find their true potential/talent as a runner. I have a deep respect, understanding and passion for the activity and sport of running. It is the MOST natural exercise other than walking that humans are designed to do. We must embrace this evolutionary advantage that all of us have despite our wide spectrum of abilities and limits. Thus, I am here to demonstrate and help you discover your true ability in this beautiful sport called running!

Career highlights/Professional résumé:

  • Obtained more than 2000 hours of volunteering with various demographics in the fitness industry from children to seniors and people with disabilities.

  • Pace Bunny/Paced over 10 certified race courses at various distances and speeds.

    Had worked, volunteered and affiliations with:

    • Goodlife Fitness

    • YMCA (Group cardio Instructor and running programs, kids sport camp)

    • Running Room (Instructor, volunteer, pacer, conducted presentations),

    • Sports 4 (Running apparel)

    • Sporting Life (Shoes expert, researcher)
    • Ottawa Lions track club (Assistant Coach= Youth running program)

    • City of Ottawa (Camp counselor, Personal Trainer)

    • Pro Physio Sport medicine clinic (volunteer physio assistant

    • Rebook (Shoes expert)

Academic (credentials)

  • High school- Physical education award (2009)

  • High school- graduation perseverance award (2009)

  • College diploma: Fitness and Health Promotion=Fitness Professional.

  • Former CSEP-Personal Trainer certification

  • Former YMCA-Personal Trainer certification

  • Run, Jump & Throw coaching certification (Ottawa Lions)

  • Running coach- background and gait analysis

  • Healthy Child Development- training certificate

  • CATCH-Kids & Play it Fair training in being a counsellor

  • First-Aid/CPR AED up-to-date

  • Heart Wise Exercise training (certified)

Running athletic profile/achievements

  • Completed 4 Marathons to date (Personal Best: 3h:02min)

  • Competed 10 Half-Marathons to date (Personal Best: 1h:20min)

  • Ranked the 3rd fastest visually impaired runner in Ontario in 2013 & 2014

  • Been running seriously and competitively for over 16 years

  • Competed & former member of the top 3 fastest running clubs in Canada. (Ottawa Lions Track Club)

  • Have been coached & mentored by several nationally recognized coaches

Targeted Clientele:

1. Anyone over the age of 8 years old + (Children to Seniors)

2. Ability level: Beginner to advanced

3. Interested in making a running a life-long hobby & help finding one’s true potential.

4. Must be self-motivated enough to follow directions and is open to trying new things. 

5. Someone who has determined their long-term & short team goals. 


Personalized coaching to reach your limits

In order to reach your potential, we all need an objective and individualized approach. Very few people ever discover their limits in running and other endurance events. I am here to prevent plateaus, injuries and take the guessing work out of the equation. 
I will guide & support you every step of the way! So, I encourage you to not waste your potential and let's discover it together. 

“I set daily goals for myself, and it’s really important that I achieve them. I need to have a daily sense of accomplishment. I know if I fall short of those goals that I will never finish.”

Terry Fox

Benefits of being Coached

Here are the benefits of hiring me as your coach that you won't get anywhere else.

Boxing Coach


We can only keep ourselves accountable to a point during tough times. A coach can keep you on-track. 


No guessing work 

We can only be so objective about ourselves. When you are trying to test yourself, we tend to think we are not working hard enough.  I eliminate any doubt of what you should do to reach your max potential. 

Outdoor Workout

Support system

I will be there every step of the way and always available for you for quesitons, concerns, modifications, advice, insight etc. 


Personal cheer leader and running buddy

I will always encourage and make you feel empowered and motivated. My objective to create an environment so that you are eternally motivated to run as a lifestyle and passion with skill. 


External motivation

Everyone needs a little external motivation when our intrinsic motivation is low and discouraged. A coach is the biggest source of that type of motivation. 


Individualized programming

ALL programs online are cookie-cutter programs and not designed specifically for you. Your running would be based on YOU and your abilities, experiences, strength & weaknesses.

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